If you are a case manager or an attorney, with individuals suffering from an injury or physical limitation, his or her case is dependent on a proper diagnosis. What are the specific physiologic causes of the pain? What is the true scope of the injury or impairment? What are the long-term implications of the injury or illness? How much function will the client regain and what are the long term care needs of the individual? Dr. Eric Beck has unique training experience and diagnostic capabilities to help answer these questions.

Dr. Beck is a triple-board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist whose medicolegal services include chart reviews and expert testimony. Dr. Beck has a special interest in neurologic illness and injury, catastrophic injuries and their long-term impact on function and care. He is an expert at providing accurate diagnoses, reliable data and detailed reports of these conditions.

Dr. Beck will conduct a thorough review of the medical records and if necessary, physical examination of the claimant.

An unbiased treatment analysis is important to you and a complete accurate diagnosis is crucial to an individual’s case. By engaging Dr. Beck you are ensuring both. He has over 20 years of clinical experience