The Choice POS II Plan
The Choice POS II Plan makes it easy to get the quality health care services you and your family need . When you use preferred providers, there are no claim forms to complete and no precertification process for you to initiate . In addition, plan benefits are based on special negotiated rates rather than recognized charges .

About the Aetna Network and Preferred Benefits
Choice POS II is a network plan, which means you get the highest level of benefits when you choose doctors, hospitals and other health care providers who belong to the Aetna network. A broad range of medical specialties and services is available within the network so you and your family can get the care you need .

Because preferred providers deliver health care services at special negotiated rates, you pay less for your care. All doctors and hospitals are screened before they are admitted to the network, and monitored on an ongoing basis once they are in the network . Credentials and licenses are checked to make sure they are valid and current .